A Gathering Darkness

The Four Winds

The heroes go their separate ways.

After recovering from the wasting disease contracted in the tomb of Alghor-Khan, the cavalier Thom and his faithful compatriots Rhys and Gog reevaluate their ability to thrive in this strange new land and discuss booking passage back to La Serenissima – perhaps to leave adventuring behind forever while their skins are still intact. Enthralled with the possibilities in his new base of operations, Tavain decides to settle in at the Four Winds tavern and study his newly-acquired spellbooks. With Virlym and Gako to help run the Four Desert Winds tavern, this trio seem to be putting down roots in Tabar.
With the help of the litorian D’Laaw and her badger, Ga-Reth has decided to investigate the bounty on Ith-Karine and learn who is behind it and whether Ith-Karine can be bested in his own territory. Karait is investigating other fortunes.


RayNewland RayNewland

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