A Gathering Darkness


Tavain finds new adventure

Awakening from a vivid dream of new home at The Four Desert Winds tavern in Tabar, Tavain awakens in an Army camp west of Guadalante, surrounded by his comrades of the highly decorated 8th Battlecasters Regiment. Like others affected by the fever that recently ran through the camp, he has felt disoriented all day, with vague visions of a subterranean labrynth, sneering speeches from shadowed figures, and mocking whispers of false friends. Behind it all is a vision of a single eye as large as a man. Just before the vision went black, Tavain had been rescued, not by his own unit, but by the centurion of the 1st Recruitment Company and two of his soldiers.

For now, his fever has broken, and perhaps after the enemy has been defeated, Tavain will have to figure out what happened beneath the desert – if, indeed, the whole thing was not just a fevered dream.


RayNewland RayNewland

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