• Gog


    Gog the Bounty Hunter, Gog the Venal, Gog the Tracker,
  • Rhys


    A loyal retainer and former military academy cohort of Sir Thom Merelin of Bennetonia
  • Sir Thom Merelin

    Sir Thom Merelin

    Son and heir of Baron Ellory Merelin of the Kingdom of Bennetonia
  • Throiat (Tavain) Leo Red Rose

    Throiat (Tavain) Leo Red Rose

    An elf and a graduate of the wizards' college Mathghamhna in Bilan, completing post-graduate work in dragon magic.
  • Baklekaan the Blue

    Baklekaan the Blue

    A wanted subject
  • Gako


    Young Human male Gestalt Warrior/Expert 1 (Tavain's assistant)
  • Ith-Karine


    A known murderer and rebel
  • Khalil Steele

    Khalil Steele

    Heir of the Wyrm, Heroine of the North, Silent Shadow, and apprentice to the Archmage Specgam Al' Garbetts.
  • Nkgoka the Heliomaga

    Nkgoka the Heliomaga

    An arcanist and an enemy of the senate,
  • Oakthorn


    Adventure sponsor with uncertain allegiances and inscrutable motives
  • Tervon the Gem Merchant

    Tervon the Gem Merchant

    A frequent visitor to Oceanton and wealthy trading partner of Tar.
  • Ulhar Sjach

    Ulhar Sjach

    The Blue Shadow on the Desert, Suzerain of the Twin Sands