A Gathering Darkness

To the Goblin Lands

Session Two: The party travels to Tabar

While Tavain, Virlym, and Thom make arrangements to carry the party and their horses across the Mand Sea and to Tabar, a trio of muggers lure Rhys and Gog into an alley and attack them, but our heroes manage to subdue their attackers and turn two of them in to the authorities. Gog also manages to offend the local magistrate, though, and is jailed. Rhys bribes an official and manages to have Gog released with the understanding that they will leave town immediately.

Their voyage goes quietly through the Strait of Cormale, past the Great Barrier Island Lighthouse, and the dragon Ulhar Sjach, Suzerain of the Twin Sands, takes their tribute without incident, but the party witnesses another ship not unlike their own dragged into the deeps by a tentacled monster, before arriving in Tabar some five days after leaving La Serenisima.

Disembarking in Tabar, Tavain is the victim of a pickpocket and the heroes secure rooms in an inn owned by a corpulent local called Gomar whose son Tol guards their horses while they investigate the temple of a local agrarian god called Galtom unsuccessfully looking for clues about the histories of the once-well-known Athalin, Kaerys, and Cenerine. They also investigate the slave markets and learn that Mandian slave buyers are buying up slaves as fast as they can be captured and auctioned. Another auction will be held in two days. Tavain and Virlym buy a local young orphan boy named Gako who has gone unsold in the last several auctions.

Impatient to win glory and treasure, the group follows Gog west out of the city pursuing a bounty on a giant called Ith-Karine about whom Gog learned of from a poster in Tabar. En route, they are ambushed by an ankheg and several kobold archers. Amongst the kobolds’ remains, the party finds a handful of coins and a number of poisoned arrows.


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