A Gathering Darkness

Recap January 2012

A brief synopsis of the story so far

Though we’ve only had three short sessions so far, we’ve had a long holiday hiatus, so I think it makes sense to revisit what has happened so far.

The group; Thom, Rhys, and Gog, had already done a little adventuring together in Bennetonia before travelling to La Serenisima, where they met the heroine Khalil, and two other adventurers new to the area: Virlym and Tavain. Together, these five companions killed a hydra in the canals of La Serenisima, impressing Khalil so much that she agreed to hire them all to do some investigation in the Golbin Lands to the South.

Khalil’s tasks for the group number three:

1. Travel to Kidorro and find out
A) why there have been almost no slaves sold through the sprawling markets of Tabar in months,
B) why more people than ever before are being enslaved in Kidorro, Glytap, and further afield,
C) and how these seemingly contradictory facts reconcile with one another.
In short, find out who is enslaving the common people of The Goblin Lands and why.

2. Keep an ear out for information regarding The Witch Trinity, a legendary trio of witches named Athalin, Kaerys, and Cinerine from thousands of years ago, mostly forgotten by the world. Khalil is clear that it is unlikely that you will hear anything about these three, but at least one of them is thought to have had a position of strength on the continent which is now called The Goblin Lands, and may be remembered in one form or another there.

3. Get a sense for the politics of The Goblin Lands. Politics there are almost entirely unconnected to the politics of The Central Realms, despite the Imperial Garrison at Tabar. Find out what factions control trade, religion, and military force in The Goblin Lands and where they are geographically located. Who are the “big players?”

This is largely open-ended exploration:

  • The tombs of the pharaohs are cursed and warded, but other crypts from that bygone era are less heavily protected, for those with a penchant for grave-robbing.
  • The jungles in the center of the continent are said to hold tribes that practice unusual magic. You may be able to trade for some interesting items or access to spells that would fetch a handsome price back home in The Central Realms.
  • The Imperial garrison at Tabar was just recently attacked by relatively well-organized locals, and would no doubt pay to have these and other criminals brought to justice.
  • The Goblin Lands have a well-deserved reputation for being dangerous. Wherever goods cross dangerous territory, there is an opportunity for highwaymen and for caravan guards.
  • While Tabar may be small, it is not without its own intrigues: an active thieves guild has a hand in most of the nefarious or dubious activities in the city, and in more than a few of the legitimate ones.
  • Tabar has been built and rebuilt more than once and the current city almost certainly conceals extensive underground networks of tunnels and lairs leftover from previous incarnations of the city.

Current Status: After hearing in Tabar that the general consensus that the slaves were more or less just all gone, the party decided to follow Gog on a bounty to capture Ith-Karine. They happened across some goblins raiding a crpyt and investigated within, killing the goblins and finding traps and a shadow monster within. This shadow monster nearly killed Gog, and though Tavain was able to save him, both Gog and Rhys are badly hurt, and one of the traps sealed the party into the crypt, meaning that you’ll need to find another way out.

Going Forward: Talking with James, I’ve gotten the idea that some of you may not be thrilled with your character builds or with the campaign. After the group manages to get out of the crypt of Algor-Khan, we’ll sit down and figure out how we can make the game more fun for everyone and we’ll build some new characters for those who want to play something different. Hopefully, these new PCs will cohere together as a party better than the current ones are doing.

I’ll start a forum discussion, too, in case you all want to share your ideas.


RayNewland RayNewland

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