A Gathering Darkness

A Guild is Born

The heroes put down roots in Tabar and attract like-minded adventurers

Returning from the crypt of Algor-Khan, Thom and Rhys fall victim to the mummy’s curse, and retire to their rooms in the newly renamed Four Desert Winds Inn. Gomor’s son Tol, and Tavain and Virlym’s ward, Gako, put up a help wanted board that attracts a variety of job postings and a host of new heroes exploring new options. Tavain calls on Khalil to help him understand the glyphs the party recovered in the desert. The human prospector and information merchant Karait and a duo newly arrived from the wastes – the giant war marshal Ga-Reth and the litorian champion D’Laaw are inspecting this new jobs board with Ga-Reth’s faithful assistant Brooke and D’Laaw’s giant badger companion Szeni when a local spellcaster challenges Tavain, shouting about “foreign invaders” and summons a giant serpent. Szeni makes short work of this snake while the local attacks Tavain with a fire spell. D’Laaw and Tavain dispatch the attacker more readily than anyone expected and everyone retires for drinks, paid for by another newcomer to town, Oakthorn, a noticeably self-assured adventurer by all appearances. Oakthorn talks privately with Tavian and Virlym, newly returned with Gako from an investigation of the thief who pickpocketed Tavain when the group first arrived in town. Tavain and Oakthorn come to an accord regarding the new magical discoveries the group encountered in the crypt.

Heading back out the crypt and its unusual teleportation circle, the new group, now including Tavain, Gar-Reth and Brooke, D’Laaw and Szeni, and Karait are attacked by a titanic sandworm which swallows D’Laaw whole and viciously attacks Ga-Reth before the beast is slain. Upon reaching the crypt, Gar-Reth bashes through the hardened stone block blocking access to the lower sections and, after refining his understanding of the persistent petrification effect on the midway floor, Tavain uses the teleportation circle to transport the group to a salty marsh on the coast northwest of Tabar, where they meet a surprisingly hospitable hermit woman called Meg who gives them directions out of the swamp and back to Tabar.

D’Laaw and Szeni return to the crypt once more to retrieve the group’s horses abandoned outside while the rest of the group plots their next move, resolved to confront the organized crime elements in Tabar that might challenge the survival of their new adventurers’ guild.


RayNewland RayNewland

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